How to play:

Click an arrow to view different periods.

Click an element to use it as a guess.

If it is correct, it will be marked with a green checkmark.

If it is close in range, it will be marked with a yellow triangle.

If it is not correct, it will be marked with a red x.


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Elementle Cosmetics

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Alkali Metals (20 points)

preview for alkali metal cosmetic

Alkali Earth Metals (40 points)

preview for alkali earth metal cosmetic

Transition Metals (60 points)

preview for transition metals cosmetic

Unknown (80 points)

preview for unknown cosmetic

Metals (100 points)

preview for metal cosmetic

Metalloids (150 points)

preview for metalloid cosmetic

Non-Metals (200 points)

preview for non-metal cosmetic

Noble Gases (400 points)

preview for noble gas cosmetic

Cardboard (10 points)

(Ranked Cosmetic)

Bronze (100 points)

(Ranked Cosmetic)

Silver (500 points)

(Ranked Cosmetic)

Gold (1000 points)

(Ranked Cosmetic)

Champion (5000 points)

(Ranked Cosmetic)